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Jennifer B.

I can't recommend Steve highly enough! As a trainer, he has been committed to helping me set and reach my fitness goals. Last season, we worked together so that I was able to complete a Spartan Trifecta....something I thought was completely out of my league.

His practical approach and cheerful attitude towards my program kept me motivated and challenged throughout the spring and summer. Because of the personal attention I received, I was able to stay on track. Steve is always willing to modify and accomodate for changes in routine...but he certainly did not let me slide!

The work I did with him this season has made me a more confident and stronger athlete at 45 years old than I ever thought possible, and I look forward to another great season in 2016 with Steve to guide me!

Linda C.

Less than a month ago I woke up and realized I was in bad shape and needed help. I found thumbtack and Steve. I started by barely being able to stretch, to now being able to workout for almost the whole session.

Steve has worked with me and with all my problems. He makes the workouts fun too.

Jennifer G.

Steve has been my trainer for a couple of months now. He is energetic, supportive, and knowledgeable in both nutrition & fitness. He is a positive force! He's been everythng I needed to get on track and healthy!

Pat B.

Steve is my virtual trainer. We discuss my goals and he keeps me pumped up online. He made a special trip to show me my routine and we went through it together. He gives me daily boosts and helps keep me on track.. thank you Steve.

Ricky N.

Steve has become a great inpiration to our team. Our fitness outings are always fun and refreshing, and his energy and support have helped us all stay active and healthy. Thanks Steve!


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