Standing for Health: Carrie Shmitz

Finding Your One Thing


Winter Vernecki is a truly inspirational kid!  She has cracked the code in terms of a purposeful life.  She knows what it is to pursue that ONE THING….with vigor, with enthusiasm, and with an indomitable spirit.  If all of us had one tenth of her drive, we would all be successful in whatever manner we chose.

Over the past year I have had the great honor and privilege to be working in a field that has brought me into daily contact with athletes, coaches, and business owners who have found their ONE THING.  These are people from all walks of life, with varied educational and financial backgrounds who have found what they love to do through obstacle course racing.  All of these people have made, and continue to make, changes and adjustments in their own lives in order to follow their dreams.  To train…to travel….to coach….to compete!  They live for the sport and the family and friends who have supported them along the way.

What does that mean for the rest of us?  Well, just because your ONE THING is not in the fitness field does not mean that you cannot follow your heart’s desire.  The challenge here is to find exactly WHAT you are passionate about and, once you find it, truly going after it!  That means NOT just accepting circumstances as they are, but creating relationships and situations that support and address the means to affect change in your own life.    Reaching that goal, conquering that race, getting a job that you truly love.  Winter also outlines that your ONE THING can change.  Of course it can!  Once you stop growing, you’re dead, right?  As soon as Winter accomplished her goal of running a marathon on each of 7 continents, she switched it up to make the Olympic Aerial Ski Team.  

So.  What is your ONE THING?  Don’t know yet?  Think about the people you like, and who you admire.  What are they doing, and can you join in?  Once you figure it out, stay true to your passion!  Don’t lose sight of your dreams because of location, sickness, poverty, etc.  All these hardships in life are what make you strong.  Use these as valuable life lessons to go after that ONE THING…..and once you have exhausted it, absolutely worn it out, rest assured, you will find the next.