Personal Training

Have you lost muscle tone and flexibility?

Are you suffering from aches and pains?

Are you unsure of how to incorporate fitness into your routine?

We have experience in creating customized, user-friendly workouts designed to help you lose pounds while gaining energy and strength.

Your personal coach will motivate and challenge you, whether you’re working on muscle tone, flexibility, core strength, or functional fitness.

Change isn’t easy! We’re here for you.

Small Group Training

(Max Size: 4 People)

Do you need more accountability and motivation? Positive results are amplified when you work with a team. Tap into your cooperative or competitive nature, and get fit as a group with friends and family members.

Each plan is personalized to fit the needs and goals of your team, whether you are training for an athletic event, or preparing for the annual trip to the beach. Your team will look, feel, and perform better than you ever thought possible.

Online Training

If you want personalized attention, but you’re not comfortable with the thought of working out in public, consider Online Training. Even if you work non-traditional business hours, travel often, or have difficulty keeping a consistent schedule, you can still reach your fitness goals.

Get personalized training sessions via Skype or FaceTime in your own home, office, or hotel room. Online training gives you the flexibility to receive instruction in your own environment, at your own convenience and pace.

Sports Conditioning

Want to skate stronger, run longer, or play harder? We’ll develop a conditioning plan catered to your athletic goals. No matter what your sport is, you will need strength, speed, agility and endurance to succeed.

Your coach has practical experience in preparing adolescents and adults for competition and is as committed to your advancement as you are. 

Setting goals and creating training programs to address specific needs assist athletes in meeting their goals. Plans are based on the concept of periodization with the intent to build specific skills at specific times, while integrating them into the athlete’s entire performance.


If you’re ready to enhance your lifestyle and reach your fitness goals, contact us today!

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